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The guide to a city that is impossible to forget: the places, the facts, the people


A unique and captivating book about the life of Turin...

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‘There are local tales that easily become legends. It is not that they are not true in the first instance; but as they are told by one person to another, they slowly lose their factual basis and acquire more imaginary details, becoming more like a myth’. These are the opening lines of a delightful collection of stories and curiosities from the history of the city - history to cherish, because it will make you experience the spirit of Turin and his citizens. It is a valuable guide for sophisticated, demanding visitors who want to know what they are looking at – as it is essential for the Torinesi who never have enough of the history of the city they live in. A unique and captivating book about the life of Turin: the city’s artists and designers, the hydroplanes on the river Po, the Wild West staged in a square, the first public facilities, the houses of ill repute, the funicular railway... For those who want to know how Turin has become the enchanting jewel it is today.

MASSIMO CENTINI:  is a Cultural Anthropologist. He has published a considerable number of books, and works for universities and museums. He has also been Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Institute of Design of Bolzano.


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